Advantages of Automated Online Mastering

Online mastering is becoming a common practice for producing masters especially for average musicians who produce music as a hobby rather than professional. Studios have been offering online mastering services that is serviced through the internet. From this fairly new service being offered by studios, a new approach has also been emerging which is the automated online mastering services.

The automated online mastering service is a process which mastering is a process in which a studio is no longer necessary and all mastering is done through a computer software in the internet. The software is programmed to have presets that you can use to adjust the equalization, loudness, and compression. These presets assist the you, an online user, to adjust the record to “standards” of how music should sound. The program also has artificial intelligence which receives information from the music that a allows digital engineer to make adjustments on the presets.

Here are some of the advantages of having an automated online mastering create your masters:

  1. Cost is low

For an average musician, cost is a big concern when you need to get your mastering done. Especially with musicians who produce music as a hobby, the willingness to pay for an expensive studio created masters becomes a second option. Without the use of an engineer who would be mastering the record, the cost of mastering through a software becomes cheaper as there are no professional fees incorporated in the cost. With this in mind, it is also necessary to consider that records would not be produced to have the same quality masters as the ones mastered by an engineer. A professional’s technique is still something that is important for producing high quality masters.

  1. Fast and Efficiency

Producing a master no longer takes days. A few minutes to a few hours is enough to produce your masters. The only reason for you to take long in creating your masters through automated online mastering is when you need to redo your work all over again.

Presets already exist and these presets help create masters with a few clicks of a button. The equalization is already made and the standard compression can already be applied. With the presets in place, the choices of how your music should sound. (read more here:

On the other hand, it is also important to note that efficiency may not always be the most effective approach in producing high quality masters. To submit to the use of presets means to forego any flexibility in adjusting tracks and mixes individually which may not be the best to produce the masters you really want.

  1. Better use of resources

With the low cost and efficiency in sending your audio files, resources are being used in a limited way. This allows you to spend more time on other projects. You no longer have to wait days or schedule an engineer to work on your project. You also don’t need to spend so much to buy your own equipment to master your own project. You can do everything online and allocate your resources on other matters.